Platinum Garage Door, Allstyle Garage Door Adelaide
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Platinum Door Range

Platinum Garage Doors

Platinum Door Range

Platinum Door Range

Platinum Door Range by AllStyle Garage Doors in Adelaide, South Australia

Looking for something unique when it comes to garage doors? The Platinum Door Range by AllStyle Garage Doors is sure to have something that will complement your home. We offer a broad range of handcrafted doors made by qualified tradesmen, and our garage doors can even be designed and finished to your specific requirements.

all-style-garage-doors-platinum-door-rangeOur range of platinum garage doors offers a wide range of materials and finishes, giving you a greater scope in design. These include: western red cedar, polycarbonate, powder coated steel, acrylics, aluminium, louvers, glass and various specialty timbers, just to name a selection.

All of our garage doors can be operated either manually or by motor, depending on your personal preference, and we also stock a broad range of garage door accessories to enhance the performance and versatility of your garage door, including battery backup options, keypad entry, etc.

For some examples of our work, browse through our Platinum Door Range photo gallery via the links below, or speak to us about how we can meet your garage door needs.