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B&D Panelift Icon®

Auto-Lock Is Standard with B&D Panelift ICON™

B&D Panelift Icon®

For a new garage door, you can’t go past B&D; the industry leaders since 1956. With a big reputation for trust and reliability, this makes a B&D garage door a reassuring purchase.

– Extra strong, durable, built to last Reliable, quieter, smoother
– Safe PinchfreeTM design
– Efficient sealing system
– Extensive choice of colours, designs, finishes

B&D never compromises on service or quality, so you can continue to enjoy your home and lifestyle, with a seamless experience at the touch of a button B&D pioneered Rolling garage doors in Australia with an enviable history of innovative and patented design features. Today, B&D continues its commitment to innovation with the latest introduction of Panelift Icon®.

B&D Panelift Icon® is in a class of its own when it comes to strength, durability and reliability, designed to give you and your family years of security, safety and protection.

And for the design conscious, Panelift Icon® features an extensive choice of designs, colours and sophisticated finishes sure to delight even the most discerning palate.

The B&D difference is in the detail

B&D ensures an even horizontal & vertical spacing of panel designs which is critical to the overall appearance of a garage door. B&D Panelift® Icon™ is tailor made to suit your garage opening perfectly, with equally sized panels. The slick aluminium strip features a lip at the base of the door – a unique aesthetic feature of Panelift® Icon™. Select from our wide range of panel designs available in either smooth or woodgrain textured finish.

Maximum protection & security for your home and family

B&D Panelift® Icon™ stands out for being extra strong, extra durable and built to last.

Panels come with extra strong reinforcement, rolled over safety edges for extra sturdiness, double end stiles as standard for larger doors and corrosion resistant stainless steel cables to ensure door strength and durability.
– Track curve made from glass filled polypropylene for extra strength and durability.
– Extensively engineered and tested to withstand the test of time.
– Made using quality Colorbond® steel that can stand up to the harsh Australian climate.

Your family’s safety is paramount

B&D pioneered the distinctive safe Pinchfree™ hinge design, to stop fingers getting caught on either sides of the door.

– In-line wheels & tracks reduce chance of finger entrapment.

– Unique reinforcing end caps & rolled over safety edges protect against harm.

– More free time with your loved ones

– Keep maintenance to a minimum outside the recommended annual servicing schedule, thanks to superior features on Panelift® Icon™:

– Springs exceed Australian standards for garage doors, stainless steel cables & factory fitted hinging system, require minimal door maintenance.

– Utmost comfort and reliability is synonymous with Panelift Icon

– Unique corrosion resistant, long lasting stainless steel cables, factory fitted hinging system coupled with high cycle springs that exceed Australian standards for garage doors ensures reliability and longevity.

Relax knowing Panelift® Icon™ is backed by 5 years warranty with an optional 2 year extended warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Whether your garage is used to store valuables, or as an extended living space, Panelift® Icon™ features an efficient sealing system as standard for your added comfort.

– Seals fitted to the full perimeter of the door, eliminates gaps to help prevent weather, dust, insects and debris entering. Helps to prevent hot air and draft from entering or escaping. Helps keep your garage space clean and more comfortable. Jamb and Lintel seals are co-extruded using both soft and rigid PVC material to achieve maximum sealing performance.

– Enjoy the comfort of peace & quiet

Your home is your peaceful haven that’s why Panelift® Icon™ is designed with added features as standard for even smoother, quieter operation.

The impressive new Smooth-Track™ system consists of twin nylon ball bearing wheels that minimise track irregularities and enhances stability. The result, an even smoother quieter operation. Best of all it comes as a standard feature on Panelift® Icon™.

– Glass filled polypropylene track curve, guides the door to run easily and smoothly during operation.

Enjoy the benefits of insulation with the superior features of Panelift® Icon™

If you are serious about insulating your house, we recommend that you also consider your garage door.

The B&D INSUL-SHIELD is an optional extra that offers exceptional insulation technology and represents the smart choice for homeowners.

† Source: predictive figures from ‘MATES’ tests

What’s unique about INSUL-SHIELD

– IconInsul-Shield™ is made using ThermaSilver™ – an innovative quality, graphite embedded EPS material which provides up to 20% more insulation compared to conventional EPS. ThermaSilver™ is strong, durable and unaffected by humidity.#

  # Source: Neopor Insulation Technology

– An efficient sealing system that maximises your insulation benefits

– Seals fitted to the full perimeter of the door, eliminates gaps to help prevent weather, dust, insects and debris entering. Helps to prevent hot air and draft from entering or escaping. Helps to keep your garage space clean and comfortable.

– Jamb and Lintel seals are co-extruded using both soft and rigid PVC material to achieve maximum sealing performance.

Our in-line wheels and tracks, factory fitted internal hinging system and fully enclosed stiles provide a clean, uncluttered appearance on the inside of the door.

A neater, tidier appearance around the cornices especially when cornices have been cut out, thanks to the unique combo bracket that minimises structural fixing point problems.

Unlock your garage to enjoy freedom, flexibility, peace & quiet

Whether you live on a busy road, near a train station, or simply want the freedom to use your garage around the clock, insulating your garage door is the smart choice.

– Insul-shield™ acts as a two way noise barrier. Helps to keep out undesirable noise for a noticeably quieter garage and helps to contain noise within the garage when compared to a non-insulated door.

– Insul-Shield™ provides greater cushioning capacity that helps absorb noise impact, so great for that stray soccer ball where kids are playing nearby^.
The greater cushioning capacity also helps to reduce operation noise from the garage door^.

^ Source: predictive figures from ‘ACOUSTIC LOGIC’ tests

B&D Panelift® Icon™ looks fabulous too…

A garage door is often the largest and most prominent feature of a home’s façade, so choosing the right garage door is a crucial decision that can influence the value and aesthetics of your most prized asset.

Create an exceptional street appeal with Panelift® Icon™ featuring an extensive choice of designs, colours and luxurious finishes to help express your individuality.

The Perfect partner for your Panelift® Icon™

Partner your Panelift with one of the B&D Controll-A-Door® openers and you will have one of the quietest automatic doors available.

Controll-A-Door Prodigy

Overhead Sectional Door Opener

When your home is your castle, Prodigy delivers smooth ultra quiet operation, stylish design and the option of controlling via your smart phone.

Heavy Duty 1000N Motor
Ultra quiet belt drive
Optional smart phone control
Soft start and stop to reduce door stress
Long lasting automatic LED courtesy lights

Controll-A-Door® Smart Phone Control Kit

Have you ever wondered if you have left the door open after leaving the house? Our Smart Phone control kit allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world!

Wireless Safety Beams

If you have young children or pets, safety beams provide added safety and security. If the beam is broken while the door is closing, it will automatically stop and reverse. B&D recommend the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.

Entry Keypad

Allows entry to the garage without a remote transmitter. Great for children. No need to give them a key or transmitter as they can enter the house with their PIN.

Rechargeable Battery Back Up

If power supply to the opener is broken, the door will still be operational with the rechargeable battery back up.

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