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BND To You Van

B&D Mobile Garage Door Showroom

New Service - We Come To You! - B&D Mobile Garage Door Showroom Introducing our AllStyle Garage Door new B&D To You Mobile Showroom service, our door and design experts measure up for your new garage roller door, bring our showroom to you and provide a quote on the spot! Our B&D To You consultant [...]
Top Garage Door Trends

Top Garage Trends To Look Out For In 2019

If you are looking for a new garage, want to renovate your old one or simply want to stay with the trends, this guide is the place for you. Your garage door is often the largest part on the front of any house and, as a result, is an integral part of the aesthetics and […]

Tips On Securing Your Garage Door Thumb

Tips On Securing Your Garage Door

Ensuring your home is safe and secure is vital and a lot of people think they have everything sorted. The truth is, your garage door can be a very weak link in the overall security of your home, and a lot of people don’t realise this or implement the right measures to reduce the risk [...]
New Garage Door

What to Consider When Designing A New Garage

Home improvement can often be daunting as there are seemingly endless projects that can be started, almost all of which will cost money and take a lot of time. Designing and building a new garage is no different. It will have a large effect on your ease of life, and add a lot of value [...]

Top 10 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage door maintenance is also overlooked as a minor item on the household to-do list. Your door could operate smoothly for years, incurring few costs besides its initial installation, with just a little bit of care and consideration. Whether your garage is ancient and on its last legs and you want to extend its life, [...]

Garage Door Security featuring B&D Auto-Lock

The security of your home, and by extension yourself and your possessions, is vital. Regardless of whether your garage is attached to your house, you need to ensure your possessions and home are well protected. The age-old adage ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ comes into play when talking about garage […]