Squareline Deluxe & Wideline, Traditional Wideline
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Garage Roller Door Product Range

Garage Roller Doors

Product Range

Product Range

The Squareline™ deluxe will perform reliably over many years. fitted with the unique mini groove top sheet, the door’s finish is protected from scuffing, ensuring it will continue to look good. this single size door is available up to 3000mm high and 3140mm wide. For wider openings we have the squareline wideline range.
Garage Roller Door Range


The Squareline™ Wideline™ has a curtain shape similar to the Squareline Deluxe, making this range perfect for homes that need both a single and double garage door. The squareline wideline is available in sizes from 1200mm to 3000mm high and 2500mm to 5500mm wide.


Garage Roller Door Product Range



Featuring a deeper, rounded curtain shape, the traditional Wideline™ has a more rigid steel curtain and heavy-duty spring and drums for the lifting mechanism, making this door perfect for higher usage applications, or if an extra strong door is required. Available in sizes from 1250mm to 3000mm high and 2500mm to 5500mm wide.


The Roll-A-Door low profile has a lighter operation than that of the Roll-adoor Traditional Wideline™ and industrial doors. Deeper guides and a more rigid curtain ensure smoother, quieter operation while the door is in motion. Available in 2400mm high and 2000mm to 5500mm wide.



7 year warranty for steel door curtain, covering steel cracking and lock seam failure, and associated labour in domestic / residential applications, 12 months on surface coating, locking mechanism and all other components and all associated labour (excludes salt corrosion).

12 months for all components and labour in industrial / commercial applications.